If you’re an owner of a Hmong dog, you’re in good company. Hmong dogs are gaining popularity as they are increasingly recognized for their beauty and soft, fluffy coats. One distinctive trait of this breed is its propensity for liveliness. They can be hard to control but also make excellent companions.

They have a natural curiosity that benefits everyone by always alerting them to potential danger or other changes in the environment around them. They are particularly alert at dawn or dusk and during sleep. You should always keep a Hmong dog on a leash, as they will try to run off if they see something that interests them.

They have a natural immunity to altitude and can tolerate cold temperatures, high winds, and rain. An exemplary trait that has earned this breed the reputation of being a good watchdog is their ability to hear a sound from very far away, even at night. Many Hmong dogs do not bark but will still howl to let their owners know something is out of the ordinary.

Pros of Owning a Hmong Dog

The Hmong dog can make a good companion if its needs are cared for properly.

They are very social and bond well with other dogs of any breed. Owners must be aware of their emotions and ready to meet them at every turn, even more so with most breeds.

One way of being prepared for the Hmong dog is not to be intimidated by their size, especially if you have a small space to work with.

Cons of Owning a Hmong Dog

  1. Hmong dogs tend to be bossy: if you are a single owner and make the mistake of allowing your dog to believe that they are the “alpha” leader of the household, you will soon find yourself a self-centered, stubborn dog on your hands. The only solution is to show your Hmong dog who is alpha male or female.
  2. Hmong dogs are destructive: they have no problem chewing up shoes, chairs, furniture, and anything else they can get their mouths around. If you have children in the house, it’s essential to watch your child and ensure they don’t bother the Hmong while he’s busy gnawing on something.

Hmong dogs can make good pets if you have a patient personality and plenty of time to give them the attention they need. They’re great for rural or country homes as long as they have enough room to run around and play. This breed may be for you if you can get past the fact that your Hmong will most likely outlive you.