A private Instagram viewer is a site/mobile app that allows you to view the “private” (only friends) photos on an Instagram account. These sites/apps work simply by figuring out who these Instagram accounts friends are and then requesting access to their public photos, which the friend will do if they recognize that you are a friend of that Instagram account.


A usual request for a private Instagram viewer will look something like this: “Hi, I am _______’s friend. Please let me view her photos.”


It is very important to understand that these sites do not hack your Instagram account (or other social media accounts). They do not ask for your social media username and password. All they do is scrape Instagram’s API to find the friends of an Instagram account, then request permission from these friends to view their photos.


If you choose to use a private Instagram viewer, please understand that it is at your discretion. If you become aware of suspicious activity that might indicate that your account is being hacked, please change your Instagram password immediately.


One of the most popular private Instagram viewers is watchinsta.com. However, there are numerous private Instagram viewers out there. A quick search for private Instagram viewer on Google will bring up quite a few results.


Free public photo API (such as the ones provided by Instagram and Google) do not provide access to private photos of an individual account. Still, they provide access to all public photos of every Instagram account. This means that if you find someone’s username, you can access all of their public photos (photos that are not posted as private) with the app/site that provides free public photo APIs.


Once you enter an Instagram username into watchinsta.com, it will start scraping Instagram’s API and returning a photos list of that Instagram account. Please be aware that it might take some time for the list to populate if the user has a lot of posts or if the API is overloaded, but rest assured that all public photos will eventually be returned once an Instagram account’s API key is entered.


Watchinsta.com works by making requests to Instagram’s API through the official endpoint for that functionality. They do not store any data about their users; they make simple requests to Instagram’s API and show the results on this website. There are many other similar viewers as well, such as Instaviewer.co and Instasave.co.


On a concluding note, Watchinsta.com is most definitely one of the more reputable private Instagram viewers out there. Sites such as these do not require you to sign up or register, and they are completely free to use.


Watchinsta.com is a private Instagram profile viewer; it does not allow you to download photos or even “like” a post. All it does is show you a list of photos from an Instagram account, and all the data accessed to serve you that information comes from Instagram’s official API endpoints. There is no hacking involved in any way. I hope this article helped answer your question regarding watchinsta.com. Private profiles are no more private, and photos can be viewed and saved by anyone.