If you play the multiplayer video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you already know what an incredibly tough game this is to beat.

In fact, while PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games on the market at the moment, it is also the one that has so many cheats being downloaded for it simply because a huge percentage of players find it so difficult.

If you play PUBG, and are tired of never being able to advance beyond the basic stages, you may be one of the ones considering using a cheat. If so, a radar hack is probably one of the ones you will be considering.

What is a radar hack and what does it do? — A PUBG radar hack is a downloadable cheat and is one that, once it is installed, shows all players, all vehicles, all weapons, all items and all armor.

Pros to using a radar hack in PUBG — Many gamers get frustrated playing PUBG without a radar hack as they find it so difficult to get ahead in the game. Instead, they are constantly discovered and killed by other players with better skills than they currently own.

Using a radar hack in PUBG, however, there are definite advantages. These include being able to see every other player online, and their vehicles, weapons and armor.

The hack is also network based. If you buy it from the right place, it is also very inexpensive yet can advance you much further into the game than you have ever been before in just a few more hours of playing.

The cons of using a radar hack in PUBG — PUBG is the video game that has the most people using hacks at the moment. That means, the developers of the game are becoming frustrated so many people are cheating and, they say, spoiling it for those who do not cheat.

That is why the developers are actively looking for people that appear to be using radar hacks or cheats, and then permanently banning them from playing the game.

Other cons of a radar hack include you never really learning how to play the game properly when you beat it by downloading a hack. They also mean you do not get the full experience of playing PUBG, like someone who does not use a hack experiences.

When you have paid over $50 for a game, it does seem a little silly to then download a hack to help you easily beat it without trying to improve your own skills instead.

How to use a radar hack in PUBG and not get detected? — Some people, however, will never be able to get their skills to a high enough level to beat the game. That is why they want a radar hack.

If this is you, make sure you use a radar hack the right way so you do not get detected and banned. This includes installing the hack on a second computer and running it before you begin playing PUBG. That way you cannot be detected and banned.