Another year, another season, the 20/21 UEFA Champions League Season came to an end with Chelsea FC winning the title with a 1-0 victory scored by Kai Havertz who scored the decisive victory against Manchester City at Estadio do Dragao, Porto on Saturday 29, May. Manchester City led the game with 58% possession compared to 42% for Chelsea and 87% accuracy. It was an exciting game that saw Chelsea make more on and off target attempts on goal at two and five. You can watch the match and others at 스포츠중계.

The second leg of the semi-final was played on Wednesday, 5 May with Chelsea taking a 2-0 victory against Real Madrid. Manchester City played the semi-final against Paris, taking a 2-0 victory leading them into the finals.

But no final is complete without the exciting season that led up to it. Every team that played, gave their best and something worth watching for their fans. The Group stage favored all the usual suspects a probability of reaching the final stages.

The Match day six groups gave the following teams a promising chance at victory. Real Madrid took a 2-0 victory against Monchengladbach, Paris St-Germain had an astounding 5-1 victory against Istanbul Bashaksehir, Juventus took the victory 3-0 against Barcelona and Manchester City found their 3-0 victory against Marseille, Porto offered a spectacular 2-0 performance against Olympiacos. Leipzig took a decisive victory against fan favorites Manchester United leading the match with a 3-2 victory.

Once the group stages where complete, the Round of sixteen first legs was carried by Liverpool who took 2 goals to Leipzig’s 0. Paris St-Germain taking 4 goals to Barcelona’s 1 in the first match. The second series saw Porto advancing against Juventus with 2 goals to 1 and Dortmund took 3 goals against Sevilla 2. All wonderful performances.

The fourth game gave Chelsea a 1-0 lead against Atletico Madrid and Bayern led 4 goals to Lazio’s 1. Manchester City and Monchengladbach faced off to a Manchester City 2-0 victory and Real Madrid found its 1-0 victory against Atalanta.

By the first legs of the quarter final, Chelsea, Paris, Manchester City and Real Madrid were the real contenders for the UEFA Champions league cup with decisive leads of on average two goals. Real Madrid was a favorite at this point having defeated Liverpool 3 to 1 and Chelsea’s 2 – 0 victory against Porto. It looked like a Real Madrid vs Chelsea show down until Chelsea took the lead and victory in the second legs of the semi-final with a 2-0 victory. Manchester City held their own against Paris with a 2-1 victory in the first legs and 2-0 another consistent and wonderful performance in the second legs securing their place in the final.