Hogwarts is the school of Witches and Wizards that trained Harry Porter on how to harness his powers. As a Potterhead, you must know that there are four houses in that school. All the houses are named after the surname of their founders and they are: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor. Initially, the students sorted into each house were hand-picked by the four founders. Later, the hat of Gryffindor was empowered and made to be the sorting hat. This hat could determine the house each witch or wizard goes to based on their qualities. Where do you think the hat would place you? Well, it is that easy to tell but with a few questions you can get a place you in the right house. Here is a little more about each house.




This is a house full of loyal and dependable people. The likes of Newt Scamander and Cedric Diggory should come to mind when this house is mentioned. Hufflepuffs are supportive and crucial for success. They do not stay in the limelight but their contributions to success are important. Hufflepuff house is for the honest and hard-working students in Hogwarts. They are also humble and optimistic people.




This is the house for the clever and witty. These wizards and witches are creative and curious, always ready to learn. You will find the likes of Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood in Harry Porter movies and books carrying out their spells uniquely. Ravenclaws are individualistic and they like to follow what they want. One would rather do what makes them happy instead of following in a crowd’s actions.




Portrayed in negative light, the Slytherin is the home of the Harry Porter series’ main villain, Voldemort. The members of this house are regarded as ambitious and cunning. They want to be the best in everything and they will use any method to achieve this. On a positive note, Slytherins are very determined in everything they do and their resourcefulness helps them work their way through anything and emerge victorious.




This is the ‘upper’ house at Hogwarts with the main character, Harry Porter being sorted into it. Its members are courageous and have great strength. They are brave and will put themselves in danger just to save others. They feel responsible for the weak and strive to help them. They fight against evil and want to always do what is right. On the downside, Gryffindor can be arrogant and hot-headed.


So, what house do you think you belong to? Well, the sorting hat does not care what you think and will only allocate you a house according to who you truly are. Want to find out which house is yours? Take the Pottermore quiz. Best wishes!