If you love to watch shows on Netflix (more info on compte netflix gratuit), and particularly enjoy watching the most popular shows, you may be wondering how you can find out which ones they are. Especially as Netflix does not share their viewing records with the world.


In fact, finding the popular shows on Netflix is not that difficult. Not if you follow these quick tips.


Trending shows — Netflix always has a section called Trending that shows you the TV shows and movies that most people are watching at the moment.


As this Trending section changes daily, it can be a great way to keep up on what everyone else is watching. As well as a good way to find popular shows and movies to add to your ever expanding list.


Which shows are people talking about? — If you do a quick search online for current Netflix shows, you can easily see which are the most popular shows.


How? That is because these are the shows everyone is currently talking about, and news and entertainment sites are writing about.


Do a quick search every day to see which shows are trending online, and then add these to your Netflix list if they look like something that would be interesting to you.


Shows that are being criticized — At least once a month, there is a show on Netflix that the news media is criticizing.


Whether that is because the show is about a controversial subject, or because the news media believes the show is poor quality, it does not really matter.


What does matter is that the shows that are being criticized are often the most popular shows on Netflix. After all, people want to know what all the fuss is about, so they watch them.


What are your friends watching? — Your friends can also be a good gauge as to what are currently the popular shows on Netflix at the moment.


These are usually the shows everyone in your immediate circle is watching. That means you can almost guarantee they are some of the most popular shows on Netflix at the moment.


Shows with popular actors — New shows that are just released and that star some of the world’s most popular actors tend to be ones that everyone is watching.


This can mean anything from a new show starring George Clooney or Angelina Jolie, to a documentary about Justin Bieber or Beyonce. If a famous and very popular actor or artist is featured in the show, you can guarantee half the planet is watching it on Netflix.


Are popular shows important? — You should also ask yourself is it important to be watching the popular shows everyone else is watching? Or should you be watching shows and movies that you actually like?


After all, it does not really matter if you are watching the popular shows on Netflix or not. There are thousands of interesting shows and movies to watch and, no matter which ones you choose, someone you know will also be watching them.