Folding bikes have been rising in popularity for the last few years. However, their distinctive frame and tiny wheels may make them look a tad bit odd. In addition to that, they may not an ideal choice that people gravitate to when it comes to taking long distance routes. But, in the same breath foldable bicycles are ideal options for individuals who plan to travel short distances. In this post, we list the top 3 reasons why you should buy a foldable bicycle.


1) Urban Environment

Traditional bikes are ideal for individuals who live in the suburbs who are used to traveling long distances to get from point A to point B. However, in the same breath people who live in a fairy urban setting such as New York City or San Francisco, may find the concept of using a traditional bike to be too cumbersome. In most cases, since businesses and attractions are concentrated into a small area, most urban dwellers only need a bike to go short distances to reach their destination.


In addition to that, urban dwellers cannot bring traditional bikes on the bus or train with them, something of which they rely on. If you live in a fairly urban area, a foldable bike may be a more ideal option than a traditional bike. For instance, with a folding bike, you can easily use the subway system if it starts by folding and carrying your bike. In fact, folding bikes can be carried with you while you ride in a train, bus, plane, boat and car.


2) Easy Storage

One of the more evident features of a foldable bicycle is that it takes up much less space than traditional bicycles. Unless you live in a rather large house or if you have a shed or garage, storing a large traditional bike may be a problem. And most renters agree that it’s too cumbersome to bring traditional bikes, up and down the stairs of an apartment complex. A foldable bike can be carried effortlessly and can be folded when going up or down a set of stairs. In addition to that, their small frame makes them ideal for being stored at your work establishment.


3) Security

Buying a foldable bicycle eliminates the need to spend additional funds on expensive security-related accessories. Based on the fact that foldable bikes are compact and easy to carry, most owners never have to resort to leaving them in a place where they could get stolen. Their compact foldable frame enables owners to visit places like restaurants and coffee shops, as to which they can fold and place the bicycle under their seat. Just like they would, if they had a large backpack.