Human connection amidst the pandemic became a luxury few could afford in person. This fact led to the rising popularity of the platform OnlyFans, a subscription based service that allowed ‘fans’ to connect with content creators. With the lack of content restrictions, this allowed content creators to post explicit content, but the site itself was not designed to be solely for adult subject matter. Anything from chefs, personal fitness trainers, and even artists could monetize viewing their content, making it a beneficial way of keeping an income streaming in without having to leave home a lot of the time.


The year of 2020 hit everyone’s incomes hard, leading quite a lot of mundane workers of your typical jobs from cashiers to nurses to turn to OnlyFans (find out how to see OnlyFans pics without paying) for an extra income. Quarantine meant a lot of working from home, less socialization, and bored people looking for social encounters of an adult nature.


What Kind of Connections?


The popularity for explicit content creators, though, came from the ability to not just look at photos and videos of your preference of person. The ability to one-on-one talk to user’s creator of choice made it attractive for consumers. On the other end, creators could monetize their livestreams, even charge for texting sessions or specialized pay-per-view photos and videos sent exclusively or en masse.


The Drawbacks vs. The Benefits


OnlyFans went from 7 million users to 85 million in the span of under a year, which made sense given the amount of people who lost their jobs in 2020. But among adult content creators came backlash, ones who had normal jobs had coworkers who found out and informed supervisors, causing them to lose their main source of income in the snap of a finger. Unless you already have an influencer following, making a decent income on OnlyFans is an uphill battle in most cases. Many creators will tell newbies that it takes hard work and determination, that the allure of thousands of dollars a week in income is very rare, and that it might put a mark on your background checks if you pursue other jobs in the future.


With this in mind, it can also be something of a boon to creators who make it to that coveted 1% earning stat. Being self-employed, controlling your hours, the adoration of fans… it can be a freeing thing. Whether the content you create is explicit or not, the option of charging for the work you put into something and making a decent income off it on your own time can make the allure of OnlyFans something to pursue. The benefits to fans would be knowing your creators of choice on a more intimate level, supporting the livelihood of someone whose content you enjoy, and being able to tailor your experience to what you enjoy.