trick-859307_640This is one of the simplest yet exciting tricks that exist. The performer performs a penetration trick where he has 2 or 3 rings made of metal and with a swift hand motion he makes the rings pass through one another to make a chain of rings. You can easily buy these metal rings from any local magic shop. Now here is the trick, the rings have a very small gap of barely a centimeter in them which can only be seen if you look at it very closely. The performer has to learn a swift hand motion in which he can make the rings pass through one another by using that small gap. To the audience, it may seem that the two metal rings have passed through one another to make a chain but the performer knows that he has just paired them in a chain using a small gap left in the rings. With a little practice of swift hand motion, you will be all set to amaze your friends with this exciting magic trick.