Common Magic Tricks that We Know

There are hundreds of exciting and amazing magic tricks, which performers all around the world use to entertain their audiences. Many of these tricks are now known to people and anyone who wants to learn these tricks can easily find tutorials and videos online and...

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Linking Rings

This is one of the simplest yet exciting tricks that exist. The performer performs a penetration trick where he has 2 or 3 rings made of metal and with a swift hand motion he makes the rings pass through one another to make a chain of rings. You can easily buy these...

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Levitate a Card From Hand to Hand

For this trick, you may need a playing card, a drinking straw, some fine and thin black thread, tape and scissors. Now cut a short length of straw using the scissors and tape it on the back of the playing card. The length of the straw piece should be shorter than the...

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The world of entertainment is infinitely large in terms of skill and scope. Remember, Shoney’s approaches the infinity limit!